Under-25s make up just 14 per cent of global Formula One viewers

Matt Roberts, Formula One’s global director of research, has revealed that just 14 per cent of the sport’s global audience is under the age of 25, according to Forbes.

The news will come as a disappointment to Liberty Media, the investment group which bought F1 for $4.6bn in 2017 and which has put considerable efforts into making the sport more appealing to younger fans.

Initiatives such as an increased social media presence – and giving the teams more freedom to operate their own social accounts – as well as launching an esports series have been launched in an attempt to win over new audiences.

Roberts revealed the research in an ‘ask me anything’ session on discussion website Reddit. Breaking down F1’s audience by age group, he wrote: “The average age of a global F1 viewer is 40. 14 per cent are under 25, 30 per cent are 25-34, 20 per cent are 35-44, 20 per cent are 45-54 and 17 per cent are over 55.”

Roberts also observed that the average age is “youngest in newer markets like [the] USA and China”. Liberty has deliberately attempted to diversify F1’s geographical spread, most recently announcing a race in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi starting in 2020.