Infront to offer Minute.ly services to rights-holders in tech push

Global sports marketing agency Infront is set to include the services of AI video optimisation business Minute.ly in pitches to existing and future clients in Europe and the US.

Infront acquired a stake in Minute.ly last year during the latter’s Series A funding round. The agency is now looking to include Minute.ly’s services in its offering, which it says help to boost visibility, distribution and audience engagement online.

Minute.ly is an Israeli-based operation which deploys AI to create short clips for social media within seconds of something happening.

Amit Golan, Minute.ly’s co-founder and CEO said, “Our new partnership with Infront allows us to bring innovation to sports teams and leagues across the world who are facing more pressure than ever before to generate engagement on their O&O [owned and operated] platforms. Furthermore, it provides us with an opportunity to reach more businesses across the world that can benefit from our technology.”

Infront senior vice-president of people, innovation and corporate services Christian Mueller said: “Attention is currency and as it becomes more valuable it is important to find new ways to differentiate content for potential fans and consumers.”

Infront has recently shown an increased appetite for investments in sports-related AI, earlier this year acquiring a stake in another Israeli tech business Videocites.

Similar to Minute.ly, Videocites deploys AI for clips but its focus is on tracking how those clips are being watched, providing real-time data to rights-holder to monitor their audiences more effectively.