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Brittany Bowlen will rejoin Broncos management

Brittany Bowlen, the 28 year-old daughter of Denver Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen will join the franchises’s management team by the end of the year. Pat Bowlen is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and in 2014 relinquished control of the team on a day-to-day basis to president Joe Ellis. Ellis manages the team under a trust owned by Bowlen but managed by non-family members.

The younger Bowlen has previously expressed interest in taking over ownership of the team and Ellis has told reporters that she will return to the team’s management soon. “I would expect her to return in a senior management position of some sort by the end of the year or within the year, I don’t know what the exact date would be,” Ellis said.

Brittany Bowlen has worked at the NFL and the Broncos previously. She graduated from Duke University’s business management program with an MBA in 2018.

The return of Brittany Bowlen to the Broncos board likely will have an impact on the future ownership of the team. Ellis told Denver’s KUSA-TV that “I wouldn’t characterise her as having the lead; on the other hand, I will say there are some strategic initiatives we have with the Broncos where her skillset and everything she learned while working with McKenzie, and the NFL, and the business world that we can utilise her skill set.”

Members of Pat Bowlen’s family have been at odds with one another about who will assume ownership of the team in the future.