Barcelona out-earns smaller clubs as LaLiga shares €1.326bn media revenues

LaLiga clubs shared €1.326bn of broadcast revenues for the 2017-18 season according to the latest figures published by the Spanish football league.

Champions Barcelona received the largest sum for the second successive season, claiming €154m ($175.11m) in revenues. Real Madrid were second with €148m ($168.29m), while Alético Madrid claimed the third largest share with €110.6m ($125.76m).

Barcelona earned 3.5 times more than the two lowest-earning clubs, Girona and Leganes, both of whom received €43.3m ($49.24m) for the season.

LaLiga has worked hard to close the gap between its biggest and smallest clubs, moving from a model in which clubs were previously allowed to sell their media rights on an individual basis to a collective model in 2015.

The English Premier League continues to have the most equitable central distribution model of the top five European Leagues. Analysis by Deloitte for the 2016-17 season revealed that the highest earning clubs in the top-flight of English football out-earned the lowest clubs by a ratio of 1.6:1. The Bundesliga was the second most-equitable European league with a ratio of 3.4:1 while LaLiga came third with a ratio of 3.6:1.

League Season Ratio
Premier League 2016-17: 1.6
Bundesliga 2016-17: 3.4
LaLiga 2016-17: 3.6
Ligue 1 2016-17: 3.7
Serie A 2015-16: 4.7

The totals above shows analysis of the ratio between the highest and lowest central distributions to clubs. The Premier League is comfortably the lowest. NB: the Serie A 2016-17 ratio isn’t included in this analysis.