Football Sponsorship Report 2021

Examining all 78 clubs in the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A and the Bundesliga including a ranking of each clubs overall sponsorship income; overviews of key industry sectors, brands, and sponsorship activation case studies.

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Football Sponsorship Report 2021 provides a comprehensive, independent ranking of sponsorship across the clubs in Bundesliga, LaLiga, Premier League, and Serie A.

You can expect a ranking of all 78 clubs, use our industry focus pages – extended this year to cover eight major sponsorship sectors – to understand the key brands in each area, where, and how much they are spending.

Unlike most reports of its kind, this report is built from the ground up using granular sponsorship deal value data and breaks down the previous season’s results, providing a level of timeliness not available anywhere else. In addition, every deal in the report is valued, giving the most comprehensive and accurate coverage of European football sponsorship deals around.



Sponsorship value league table

  • Compared to the previous season, discover the overall rate of sponsorship growth among clubs in Bundesliga, LaLiga, Premier League and Serie A.

Leagues & clubs

  • League overviews including Bundesliga, LaLiga, Premier League and Serie A.
  • Club key deals including shirt front and sleeve sponsor values, and portfolio valuations for all 78 teams.

Industry sector analysis

Learn the total sponsorship value of each industry across the four leagues, total sponsorship value by league, biggest spending brands within each industry sector, and more.

  • Car Manufacturing
  • Betting
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Sporting Apparel
  • Telecoms & Media
  • Airlines

Activation case studies

  • The eight activation case studies feature: Cadbury, eToro, OPPO, Adidas, Umbro, Skrill, and Trenitalia.
  • Each one breaks down what makes a football sponsorship activation successful, reporting on the objectives, with practical examples and analysis of the activation, plus data on the campaign outcomes.


  • Every club’s sponsorship portfolio ranked, in 2020-21, from #1 – #78
  • Which English football club’s valuation puts them at the top of the sponsorship ranking with a €321m valuation
  • Where the newly promoted clubs sit in the rankings and which among them achieved the highest valuation of €21.8m
  • Which industries are most active in each league and how much do they spend
  • Compared with the 2019-20 season, which clubs saw the highest growth in their sponsorship income
  • See which were the biggest spending brands
  • Among the case studies, learn how one brand used football sponsorship to generate 684 million campaign impressions.


  • Brands who want to know the price of sponsorship, see how their rivals are activating their sponsorships, and find opportunities to promote their brand through sponsorship of some of the biggest teams in the world
  • Clubs, teams & federations that want to know which brands are spending and where so that they can compare sales performance against their peers and spot areas for growth in their own portfolio with one document
  • Agency brokers who need a comprehensive accurate and independent resource to stay on top of every deal and industry development in top European football sponsorship, from the 2019/20 to 2020/21 season
  • Creative agencies who want to see how their peers are designing impactful & innovative sports sponsorship activations and gain inspiration for their own sports activations.


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