Sponsorship in Europe’s Big Four Leagues 2019-20

Examining all 78 clubs in the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A and the Bundesliga including a ranking of each clubs overall sponsorship income; overviews of key industry sectors and sponsorship activation case studies.

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Sponsorship in Europe’s Big Four Leagues, 2019-20 Report provides the first live ranking of sponsorship across the clubs in Bundeliga, LaLiga, Premier League and Serie A.

You can expect a ranking of all 78 clubs, the top 10 industries, top spending brands plus the top three deals at each club.

Unlike other reports of its kind, Sponsorship in Europe’s Big Four Leagues breaks down the previous season results, providing a level of timeliness not available anywhere else. Complementary to this, every deal in the report is valued, giving the most comprehensive and accurate coverage of European football sponsorship deals around.


1. Top European football clubs sponsorship rankings

  • Discover the overall rate of sponsorship growth among clubs in Bundesliga, LaLiga, Premier League and Serie A.
  • With values for each club, learn what proportion of the club’s total sponsorship income each industry accounted for – by total value of the deals, or total volume of deals.

2. Leagues & clubs

  • League overviews including: Bundesliga, LaLiga, Premier League and Serie A.
  • Club key deals including: Arsenal, Manchester United/City, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF, FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Juventus FC.
  • Next season’s biggest deals including: Nike, Puma and 3 Mobile.

3. Industries & brands

  • Industry overview including: Food & drink, financial services, retail, business services, construction & dev, telecoms & media, entertainment & leisure, travel & tourism, healthcare, industrials.
  • Brand overview: Emirates, American Airlines, Mahou, Betway, Audi, Chevrolet, Eurowings and Nissan.

4. Activation Case Studies

  • The activation case studies feature Qatar Airways, Carlsberg, Jeep and – in one of the season’s boldest sponsorship activations – Paddy Power.


  • Who held European club football’s most valuable sponsorship portfolio In 2019-20.
  • Which English football club’s valuation ahead of Barcelona thanks to improvements in the £/E exchange rate.
  • Which clubs have the smallest overall sponsorship valuation.
  • Which clubs saw the fastest growth and resulting in almost E100m In total sponsorship income.
  • The total value and number of deals in key sub-industries.
  • Who were the biggest spending brands and where they come from.


  • Brands who want to know the price of sponsorship, or see how their rivals are activating their sponsorships
  • Clubs, teams & federations that want to know which brands are spending and where, or who want to compare sales performance against their peers
  • Agencies brokers who need to stay on top of every deal and industry development
  • Creative agencies who want to see how their peers are designing sports sponsorship activations.


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