Le Tremplin accelerator program to incubate FXBALL

Le Tremplin the accelerator program that brings together key corporates and institutional players to develop the sports sector, has announced that it will incubate FXBALL in its latest selection of sports start-ups. FXBALL is a revolutionary cross-over sport which adds a multi-dimensional and hi-tech approach to foot sports by combining the skills of football, freestyling, sepak takraw, beach soccer and foot volley in a sport played in a specially constructed Pentadrome.

The spectacular, skill-packed sport is played by two teams. The Pentadrome court is divided by a ramp and teams score points by hitting numbered targets around the court while aiming to ensure that their opponents are unable to keep the ball in play.

According to CEO and inventor Henrik Jessen, FXBALL can be enjoyed irrespective of age, gender or even skill level. “The rules are written to adapt to different skill levels and encourage participation. Even if you are not particularly skilful, you can just get out into the Pentadrome and have fun,” he said.

A key element of the sport is that it is designed to encompass digital and social media.“It is really a hybrid. On a tournament level, fans are encouraged to use their smartphones to really get involved. They can, for example, vote for their MSP – Most Spectacular Player – which creates a competition within a competition and encourages players to push themselves to the limits.

“But most importantly this is a such fun sport for the players and the audience even without gamification. This is important since this is the key that will make this work,” he said.


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