Levelling the media playing field in sport

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Create a professional media hub with affordable cloud technology

Sports organisations large and small have a real opportunity to grow their sport by taking advantage of today’s affordable cloud technology to serve broadcasters and media partners, engage their fans, maximise the value of their archive, and build their brand.

Can smaller sports organisations make the most of their content and engage fans without spending a big budget? Yes they can!

More content is being generated than ever before – but it needs managing and distributing in an organised and coherent way. Done correctly and with modest investment, even the smallest sports federations can provide a high-quality service for fans, press and broadcasters that is similar to that which is offered by the world’s premier sports leagues, with a fraction of the budget that was previously required!

  • Technology is now the enabler that is levelling the playing field across the sports industry.
  • Affordable, cloud-based services help federations of all sizes to:
  • Build exposure, widely share the story of their sport, and grow their fan base
  • Efficiently distribute content to media and broadcast partners
  • Make better use of archive content in between games and tournaments
  • Provide live streams/capture from games or interviews with athletes
  • Catalogue content so it can be easily found, and monetise it
  • Protect their legacy for the next generation of fans.

Nowadays, every sport, no matter its level of commercial maturity, has an audience somewhere in the world. With cloud technology, they can easily meet their audiences on their terms, delivering content when and where they want it.

There has never been a better time, and a more pressing need, for sports federations to professionalise and streamline their media operations

Satiating the growing demand among both consumers and distributors for sports video content is crucial for every rights holder, no matter their size or resources. As demand for video rises and consumption moves increasingly to new digital and social platforms, there has never been a better time, and a more pressing need, for sports federations to professionalise and streamline their media operations. It is crucial that they keep on their toes as they battle for viewership in an increasingly congested marketplace.

Thankfully, advancements in scalable, pay-as-you-go technology have bridged the divide between the haves and the have-nots, enabling smaller, light-footed sports organisations to outsmart and outperform the sports giants by being first to adapt to today’s changes in consumption habits.

Levelling the media playing field in sport – Imagen’s latest white paper

Our latest white paper is packed with insight. It covers:

  • The growth of online sports consumption
  • How to use video to stay relevant, protect your legacy and strengthen the emotional connection with your fans
  • How media hubs open up smart monetisation opportunities
  • How cloud technology can help smaller sport organisations eager to bolster their international recognition and grow their fan base.

Download the white paper here

At Imagen, we’ve fully embraced the promise of the cloud and have built a content management platform designed to preserve, commercialise and distribute content in the most efficient way possible and at an affordable price point. From Live to Archive, Imagen helps any size sports organisation to manage their media resources like a pro. It’s your time to shine, take on the global sports elite and win.

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