SportBusiness Review May 2019

In this month’s issue…

NASCAR – Searching for ways back to relevance after a decade of declining attendances, lower television ratings and an exodus of corporate sponsors.

SPORT FINANCE – 23 Capital co-founder Stephen Duval on how a creative approach has opened the door to funding in the sector.

SOCIAL MEDIA & MERCHANDISING – Spurs and Somerset lead the way on growing retail through social, but clubs still leaving money on the table.

SPORT AND THE LAW – The EU’s new Copyright Directive leaves rights-holders and platforms dissatisfied.

FAN ENGAGEMENT – Roma and the Bundesliga bring the banter to win fans and engage people on social media.

HOST CITIES – Annual fixtures and eclectic one-offs help Dubai diversify from oil to tourism.

ESPORTS – PSG and Schalke 04: The football clubs imagining a future without football.

EVENT HOSTING – ‘Team Yorkshire’ builds £100m-impact event on Tour de France legacy.

SPORTS BETTING – “We are not interested in the discussion of integrity fees”. NHL chief revenue officer Keith Wachtel on the league’s approach to betting.

BUILDING ON SUCCESS – Washington Capitals’ inaugural Stanley Cup triumph leads to commercial uplift ‘across board’.

STADIUM OPERATIONS – 49ers draw on SAP partnership to improve fan experience in real time.

EVENTS – ESPN’s X Games using licensee model in second push at global growth.

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