Spanish LaLiga Media Rights Report

Analysis of every domestic rights cycle from 2012-15 to 2022-27, including a detailed breakdown of 20 major international markets.

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Inside, you will find comparisons between LaLiga and other European leagues, plus an assessment of the Spanish market with a historical outlook of the most important events linked with the league and its entities.

The report analyses the domestic market, providing context on the broadcasters and on the changes in the value of LaLiga in Spain. There is also a breakdown of the international rights of the league, with a territory-by-territory analysis of 20 markets.

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Understand the value of LaLiga rights globally, plus the factors that influence this

Comprehensive analysis of domestic and international rights values give you actionable insights that save valuable time on market research

Understand tactics for the commercialisation and monetisation of rights to feed into your strategy

Understand the strategies of buyers, sellers, and agencies - including how LaLiga has been so successful internationally - to track competitors and spot trends developing

Make confident decisions on your sales or acquisition strategy

Data-led, expert analysis of domestic and international markets provides the information you need to get an overview of LaLiga's strategy, domestically, internationally, and the league's OTT strategy

Spot opportunities to enter a competitive market and mitigate risks for your business

Discover who is working with who, understand the progress of OTT, technology, and streaming, plus glean insights on production initiatives set up by the league

Benchmark values of one of sport's biggest properties

See where growth lies with unique insight on the deals, developments, broadcasters, investors, and agencies that have shaped LaLiga's values


Top 5 European League Comparison

  • Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1

Spanish Market Overview

  • Analysis of the Spanish market, with a focus on media trends and new market developments

Analysis of Spanish Broadcasters

  • Including: Mediapro, beIN Media Group, DAZN, Telefónica, Mediaset Spain, RTVE, Other notable broadcasters

Domestic Rights Breakdown

  • Breakdown of value and rights packages of the league from 2012-15 to 2022-2027

International Rights Analysis

  • How the international value of the league has changed over the past decade, insights into the league’s international partnerships, plus an overview of all international broadcasters

Market-by-market Analysis

  • Analysis of 20 international media rights markets, including APAC, DACH, MENA, United States, & more


  • Learn how the league generates €1.15bn per season from live domestic rights and around €778m from international rights.
  • Gain insight into CVC Capital Partners’ €2bn investment in a new company controlling media and sponsorship rights to the league, in exchange for an 8.2-per-cent stake in the entity.
  • Uncover the broadcasting landscape in Spain after the three-year limit on domestic rights was revoked.
  • Discover how the entry of DAZN as a major domestic player has affected the domestic broadcasting set-up in Spain.
  • Find out how LaLiga North America, a 15-year partnership between sports promoter Relevent Sports Group and the league, has propelled the league’s value in the US.