Sponsorship Deals Database

What is the Sponsorship Deals Database?

The sponsorship deals database provides data on the relationships and deals that make up the sports sponsorship market.

An intuitive design and analysis functions allow users to easily search and filter over 30,000 sponsorship deal relationships across the sports industry.

Plus, we add new deals daily, so the depth and comprehensiveness of the sponsorship deals database is always growing.

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What do we cover?

As well as a repository of all the deal data unearthed by our analysts and published in Key Deal Stories and Data Snapshots, our data team is constantly updating the database with the relationships held by the following rights-holders.

Who is the Deals Database for?

Commercial teams

  • At brands, who want to know the value of potential acquisitions
  • At agencies, who want to spot openings for their clients
  • At rights-holders, who want to benchmark their sales against their peers

Research & insight teams

  • At brands, who want to see where their rivals are spending and how much
  • At agencies, who want the values of a broad range of deals at their fingertips
  • At rights-holders, who want to know where money is being spent in their sport
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How can the Deals Database help me?

  • In just a few clicks, search and filter over 28,000 sponsorship deals
  • Export our data to use in your own work
  • See the full portfolios of the major rights-holders and major brands with ease
  • Benchmark sponsorship deals values across territories and sports.

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