Betting Data and Streaming Rights Report

Analysis of developments and major deals in the global betting data and streaming rights market, including a detailed analysis of the key players and an overview of the most prominent sports.

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You will find insights into the global betting data and streaming rights market including analysis of the four most prominent sports data providers and their property portfolios.

This is followed by an in-depth overview of key deals agreed for betting data and streaming rights across a number of leading sports in the betting industry – just a taste of the depth of information available to SportBusiness Media subscribers.

The report also contextualises the current state of the betting data and streaming rights market, including analysis and discussion of issues that will shape the sector over the next few years.



Plan spend more efficiently & with insight on all sides of the betting data & streaming rights sector

Understand the value of deals across sports and markets, discover what factors are affecting the sector now, & how this might change

Spot opportunities to enter the sector, or to grow your reach

Track trends across the most important sports & markets, plus get a breakdown of the portfolios of sellers active in each

Learn what regulatory factors you need to consider

Gain insight on the regulatory environment, how it is changing, & why rulings may affect the sector in the future

Negotiate deals more confidently

See where growth lies with unique insight on the deals, developments, & trends in the sector

Inform your betting and streaming sales and product strategy

Recognise and analyse the services offered by the four major players

Avoid pitfalls in a competitive market

Understand the strategies of buyers, sellers, and agencies to track competitors and spot trends developing


1. Overview of the betting data and streaming rights market

  • Introduction
  • Market classification
  • Market overview
  • Growth factors

2. Sales process of betting data and streaming rights

  • Data collection
  • Packaging rights
  • Sales mechanism

3. Overview of the major betting data and streaming providers

Analysis of the four main players in the betting data and streaming rights market including a company overview, an outline of their products and services, and an analysis of their rights portfolio.

4. Sports analysis and major properties overview

Analysis of the key betting data and streaming rights deals for major properties across several global sports.

5. Regulatory environment 

Analysis of the ongoing legal case between Genius Sports and Sportradar and a case study on the English Football Association.


  • See how the value of rights has increased in multiple markets, why this is, and by how much.
  • Track deals across key betting data and streaming rights sports, such as soccer, American sports, tennis, cricket, and golf.
  • Learn about the products and services being offered by the key players in the sector – Sportradar, Genius Sports, Stats Perform, and IMG Arena.
  • Find out how the relaxation of gambling restrictions in the United States is fuelling growth in the industry. The value of rights for US properties has increased as much as 600% in some cases.
  • Understand the key developments in the ongoing court case between Sportradar and Genius Sports, which is likely to have a fundamental impact on the way betting data and streaming rights are sold in the future.