As well as taking the top spot overall in our rankings with its campus-based Master of Sports Administration, Ohio University also offers the top-scoring distance-learning course in our survey, via its…

The world's top 40 postgraduate sport management courses, according to our survey.

The ESA Diploma is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Course director Peter Raymond looks back on a decade of success, and forward to even further growth.

SportBusiness has today launched the 10th edition of its Postgraduate Course Rankings, naming Ohio University’s Master of Sports Administration as the world’s best postgraduate sports management programme for 2021. 

Derrick Hall graduated Ohio University with a Masters in Sports Administration in 1993 and was the recipient of the department’s Charles R. Higgins Distinguished Alumni Award in 2006.

Dr Liz Wanless, assistant director of analytics and assistant professor of sports administration at Ohio University, on how the growth of natural language processing is changing professional sports and sports education.

Heidi Pellerano took UMass’ MS in Sport Management in 1997-98, and afterwards joined the WNBA as coordinator of communications and eventually player personnel.

Dr B. David Tyler, co-founder of the Know Rivalry Project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Northern Kentucky University, explains how the project aims to measure and dissect the risks and revenue of sporting rivalry.

Michelle Harrolle, director of the University of South Florida's Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management programme, writes that universities have a chance to get in on the ground floor by offering cutting-edge education to the esports leaders of the future.

Philicia Douglas is an alum of the University of South Florida’s Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program, which she graduated in 2015.

Matthew Taylor, Professor of History at the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University, Leicester, discusses the research behind his book, Sport and the Home Front. Published in 2020, the book was shortlisted for the North American Society of Sports History monograph of the year and the British Society of Sports History Aberdare Prize for best book of the year.

Jair Bertoni completed the Fifa Master in 2005 and afterwards went on to work for the European Professional Football Leagues for almost a decade

AISTS offers the second-highest ranked course in Europe for the second year in a row.

A former Olympic swimmer, Hisham Shehabi took the Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology at AISTS in 2014-15

Italy's masterSport completes the European podium, as well as claiming the Graduates' Choice award.

Marco Brunelli is the founder and director of the MasterSport International Master’s in Strategic Management of Sports Organisations, Events and Facilities, which is based in the Universities of San Marino and Parma. Here, he presents an extract from an article on the underdevelopment of Italian stadium infrastructure and its impact on the wider sports landscape in the country.

Paolo Arsillo attended the MasterSport international master’s in strategic management of sports organisations, events and facilities in 2003, and joined the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) the following y…

The Josoor Institute was established in 2013 as the educational arm of Qatar’s World Cup 2022 organising committee, with a goal of securing a long-term dividend from that event by significantly boosting the country’s capacity to host major events. SportBusiness spoke with major stakeholders to discuss how it is working to secure that legacy, and their ambitions for Josoor’s future.