In-depth analysis of the commercial strategies of the world’s leading companies in sport

What SportBusiness Professional offers you

In-depth News & Analysis

Each day on our website we deliver in-depth analysis of the strategies utilised by the leading global leagues, teams, franchises and events in the following business areas:

  • Sponsorship
  • Media
  • Merchandising
  • Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Digital strategies

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Our regular suite of reports provides even deeper analysis of the hottest topics in the business of sport such as:

  • Sponsorship Works
  • Fan XP
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • OTT

Data Case Studies

We look at how rights-holders are using data to:

  • Inform their strategic decisions
  • Deliver tangible improvements in attendances
  • Grow their fan bases
  • Help brands activate sponsorships

SportBusiness Professional helps you to...

  • Identify new revenue streams
  • Benchmark your business strategy against leading sports rights-holders
  • Develop new marketing strategies
  • Identify new sponsorship activation strategies
  • Learn about new trends in media and marketing
  • Analyse competitor activity

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