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The Future of Olympic Games Media Consumption

The Future of Olympic Games Media Consumption

Published date:
31 Mar 2017
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This report was produced under a commercial partnership with Budapest 2024, the campaign by Budapest to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

This report was commissioned from SportBusiness by Budapest 2024 to look at what the future holds for the Olympic Games, with particular reference to the changing habits and attitudes of young people. It is based on nationally-representative surveys of 13 global markets. We asked respondents questions on their broad feelings about the Olympics, what media they used to consume the 2016 Olympics, their thoughts on social media coverage of the Olympics, and their expectations for the impact of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on their sports consumption habits. In the report, we analyse the results of the survey, with input from a panel of sport and media industry experts:

  • Carlo de Marchis, chief product & marketing officer, deltatre
  • William Field, partner, Prospero Strategy
  • Ma Guoli, vice-chairman, Le Sports
  • Per Lindgren, senior vice-president of live OTT, Net Insight
  • Mike Mulvihill, executive vice-president of research, league operations & strategy, Fox Sports
  • Unmish Parthasarathi, global head of digital sales, ICC

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31 Mar 2017

Report produced in partnership with Budapest 2024, the campaign to host the 2024 Olympics in Budapest, looking at what the future holds for Olympic Games media consumption. The report contains survey data about attitudes to and engagement with the Olympic Games in 13 markets around the world.

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