SportBusiness Insights

A fully in-depth and tailored solution allowing you to make better informed and qualified business decisions.



The core of our offering is the ability to present an accurate and deep analysis on which business critical decisions can be made with confidence.


Every project is built utilizing the most up to date and accurate data on sports media rights and sponsorship deals. This data is mined and verified by our team of researchers who with their vast experience, mixed with access to historical information and understanding of the current market dynamics, can produce the most reliable analysis on which to build business cases and aid critical decision making.


Our analysts work at the interface between the data and the narrative and have the deepest understanding of both. We contextualize data and analyse the patterns and trends highlighted by our intelligence against the unfolding narrative of the industry.


The Insights solution enables you to commission bespoke research ranging from competitor analysis, detailed information for market entry, and information on the key players and economics of the sports industry.


Deliverables can include:


  • One-off data deliveries
  • Deep-dive data insights
  • Monthly/quarterly market updates
  • Due diligence support
  • Market reports
  • Media rights valuations
  • Expert opinions calls/meetings


If you would like to have a confidential discussion with a member of our team to assess your needs, please contact us below.