Simon Bibby, head of research, and Michael Litman, CEO of Burst Insights use video analytics to gauge the success of Juventus FC's recent rebrand on social media

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The global sponsorship deal between watchmaker Hublot and WBSC Premier 12 focused on the association between the brand and the sport of baseball in key markets of Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Barry Wilner looks at the $500m facelift of one of Major League Baseball’s historic venues and asks: is evolution better than revolution?

The Milwaukee Brewers are described by Major League Baseball (MLB) as “the model” for the sport’s use of offfield analytics, despite being one of its smaller-market and, in playing terms, less-successful franchises.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) will this month stage the inaugural edition of its Premier12 tournament. Andy Fry reports.

Major league glamour and gender-equality appeal is a compelling argument for the Olympic Movement. World Baseball Softball Confederation is hoping it will be enough to convince Tokyo of its worth.

LAUSANNE (Switzerland) -- The president of the World Baseball Softball Confederation, Riccardo Fraccari, today announced that the world governing body has submitted an official proposal to the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (TOCOG) for the addition of men's baseball and women's softball at the 2020 Games.

United States President Barack Obama’s decision to open diplomatic relations with Cuba will have a big impact in sport, especially for Major League Baseball (MLB) and boxing. Barry Wilner explains why.

The genesis of a new or renovated stadium begins with the rights-holder who creates a brief that has to both push boundaries and stay within budget. Elisha Chauhan spoke to venue operators of the historic MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and MLB (Major League Baseball) team the Minnesota Twins’ Target Field to find out the challenges each faced in the design process.

Metal detectors will be in place at all Major League Baseball (MLB) stadia by 2015. Elisha Chauhan looks at why, and asks industry experts how best to secure sporting events without impeding on the fan experience.

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Elisha Chauhan discovers why the Atlanta Braves have chosen to build their new stadium in the suburbs - the first time a Major League Baseball (MLB) team has done so since the turn of the millennium.