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Their ubiquity as sponsors of sport suggests the link between mobile phone operators and major sports events is obvious, but recent business pressures and a divergence of strategies may require different approaches to telecom partners in future.

The Turkish sponsorship market can be divided into three main sub-categories: sponsors which invest heavily internationally, sponsors which invest professionally locally and sponsors which invest locally through personal connections. The major change in the recent years is the growth of in the first two categories.

The brewing industry remains one of the biggest investors in sport despite growing levels of self-regulation and government legislation

Automotive is of the most important sponsoring sectors and a bellwether of consumer and industrial confidence

Amid the excitement and controversy around the Facebook IPO, it is easy to forget that for every dotcom billionaire there are many more winners from the explosion in the digital economy

Sports sponsorship has never been more powerful or more effective. At a time when many traditional ways of communicating with consumers are reaching fewer people, or failing to cut through, sport and entertainment has become increasingly central to all our lives.

Lueder Fromm head of global marketing and communication at Mercedes-Benz answers SportBusiness' questions about the thinking behind the company's golf sponsorships.

Nearly all sports sponsorships now incorporate a social media element, but whilst it may generate ‘buzz’, is it possible to evaluate commercial returns? The answer is a qualified ‘yes’ according to a new sportBusiness report.

It is 8-times harder and more labour intensive to sign a new sponsor than it is to renew an existing one. Here we examine how sponsors can be serviced so that their value to the sports organisation increases over time.

The domestic sports marketing sector in the Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has been slow to develop and gain credibility despite the massive investment in sports infrastructure and international events across the region. We talk to sports marketing practitioners and property owners in the region to see if that state of play is changing.

Rupert Pratt of Agency Generate and Rede Luis Baez, Senior Manager at  Euroleague Basketball give a worked example of the power of owning the social media channel around a sports property. This presentation was first given to the SportBusiness Connected Sport conference hosted by Eurosport in in May 2013

Russian gas giant, Gazprom has an image problem that it hopes sponsorship of football will help overcome. Its approach is a case study in using soft branding initiatives to spread its influence

National Basketball Association (NBA) player Jason Collins became the first in major US team sport to come out last month. But what affect it will have on both his on-court and off-court commercial value?

Highlights and insights from the European Sponsorship Association conference held in London in April 2013

Repucom’s Ed Wooller asks if the NBA is beginning to succeed where the domestic game has failed in the UK.

Has the energy sector’s love affair with sport peaked in the United Kingdom?

The 2012 edition of Sponsorship Works looks into the very best sponsorship programmes from around the sporting world

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