Owen Evans looks at how the major professional leagues in the United States are leading the way when it comes to maximising digital broadcast rights.

Whenever a broadcaster wants to introduce a new service, or a consumer electronics manufacturer wants to test a new device, more often than not they build their business plan around live sport. At the same time, fans demand more ways to get closer to the action. We examine some of the key developments in sports broadcast and production.

Download this free supplement where Kevin Roberts introduces Nineteen Eight Four (social activation), Deltatre (athlete engagement) and Nordeus (sodial gaming) who share their insights into social media and the part it can play in sport including 6 key social media errors and how to avoid them.

Kevin McCullagh from TV Sports Markets looks at how two newspaper sports-rights deals are showing signs of increased potential for internet clips, content that has been notoriously difficult to monetise.

Filled with potential booby traps, Facebook is not the natural home for all brands. Here are five things Facebook failers tend to do. (You might want to avoid them).

5 top tips to avoid Twitter marketing fails

Everyone accepts the importance of social media but there is much less agreement on how to measure its impact. To be fair, there are plenty of potential pitfalls...

The Board Report podcast from SportBusiness International looks at the deals, decisions, issues and personalities making headlines across the business of sport. This week we are podding live from a pub - so excuse the background noise - and look at the Youth Olympic Games as a product following last week's awarding of the 2018 event to Buenos Aires, the Euroleague's decision to take it's end-of-season Final Four to Milan in 2014 and last week's Wyscout Forum in Barcelona.

Barney Francis, Managing Director of the Sky Sports channels at UK pay- broadcaster BSkyB, talks to Kevin Roberts about partnerships, competition and the secret formula of Sky Sports’ success.

Broadcasters are adopting a new breed of speciality cameras that are set to revolutionise the way we view sport. Here we give you the lowdown of the game-changing technologies that are set to be common use next year.

Carlo De Marchis, Chief Product Officer, deltatre shares his vision of the future of social broadcasting.As the digital landscape evolves, new opportunities and challenges emerge for every player in the business of sport.

Dave Gordon, the former Head of Events at the BBC who left the UK public-service broadcaster after 40 years in December 2012, looks at how 2016 Olympic Games broadcasters can raise the bar even higher than it was in London.

Rupert Pratt of Agency Generate and Rede Luis Baez, Senior Manager at  Euroleague Basketball give a worked example of the power of owning the social media channel around a sports property. This presentation was first given to the SportBusiness Connected Sport conference hosted by Eurosport in in May 2013

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In the sports broadcasting industry, you never have to wait too long before one of the world’s biggest sports properties announces a mega multi-million dollar TV deal.

Highlights and insights from the European Sponsorship Association conference held in London in April 2013

Pauline McVey, analyst for SportBusiness Intelligence, looks at televised sport in Russia and considers the impact of the decision by the Russian Premier League to launch its own football channel

Repucom’s Ed Wooller asks if the NBA is beginning to succeed where the domestic game has failed in the UK.

On the eve of the 2012 ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) World Tour Finals in London, ATP boss Brad Drewett tells Kevin Roberts about the challenges of realising the value of the players he represents…