What Do We Mean By 'Reports'?

Our Reports differ from Data Snaphots in a number of key ways. Where our Data Snapshots provide more visual overviews of key markets, our Reports are more traditional in their format and aim to provide comprehensive examinations of the commercial sports landscape.

The SportBusiness University platform provides access to several of our key annual reports arcoss sponsorship and media rights.


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Which annual, in-depth Reports are Included in the University Platform

Our biggest and most detailed reports on Media Rights and Sponsorship.

Global Media Report

The SportBusiness Consulting Global Media Report provides the most comprehensive examination of the sports media rights landscape, based on our market-leading media rights data, together with analysis and insight from the SportBusiness team.

European Soccer Sponsorship Report

Inside we’ve taken the European football club sponsorship data from SportBusiness Soccer – the most accurate and most comprehensive of its kind in the world – to illuminate the state of sponsorship in the top four leagues as we enter what will be a busy – and uncertain, given the ongoing impact of Covid-19 – period of sales ahead of the 2020-21 season.

How Can These Reports Help You?

In short, these reports provide  comprehensive data and insight across media-rights, sponsorship and fan consumption available anywhere. Here are some core benefits the provide:


  • Exclusive data on the $51bn global sports media rights market.
  • The most accurate set of media values available anywhere.
  • Discover which are the most valuable media properties and popular sports.
  • Expert analysis from the sportbusiness analytical team.


  • Understand key trends across sports, properties, industries and markets.
  • Find out the biggest sponsorship markets, clubs and industries.
  • Comprehensive overview of the European soccer market.
  • Expert analysis from the sportbusiness analytical team.
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