Activation Case Studies

What are Activation Case Studies?

Each of our case studies takes an activation produced by a brand and a rights-holder. We then explain the objectives of the campaign, detail the practical elements of the activation and report the outcomes.

In 2020 we will publish over 200 activation case studies – 24 every month.


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Featuring brands, agencies and rights holders from around the world

How will Activation Case Studies help me?

  • Identify best-practice from a global selection of case studies
  • Understand how sponsorship campaigns are effectively activated in order to meet campaign objectives
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations from leading brands and agencies
  • View practical campaign examples in every case study to find out what goes into creating a succesful activation

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Check Out A Sample Case Study From The US, Europe and Asia

Budweiser activated at the start of the 2019 MLB season with an inspirational, multi-platform tribute to Jackie Robinson.

Since 2013, Apollo Tyres has made a concerted push to use big-ticket football sponsorship to aid in building a globally recognisable brand

With the ‘Be a Shot Maker’ campaign, smart phone brand Oppo leveraged its ICC partnership to boost exposure in its South Asian strongholds and new UK target market.