NHL Players Association

Union begins a formal process to identify its new leader

The National Hockey League and NHL Players' Association have secured a partnership with short-form video platform TikTok in order to expand fan engagement with its global fanbase

League reclaims dates previously allocated for Olympic break

The National Hockey League and NHL Players Association have reached an agreement to not send players to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics over concerns that the Covid-19 pandemic will significantly disrupt …

League, union continue reviews of policies, procedures as alleged sexual assault continues to rock the entire hockey world

Fallout continues from Blackhawks sexual assault scandal

The National Hockey League and NHL Players’ Association have secured a multiyear extension of their long-standing trading card agreement with The Upper Deck Co.,

National Hockey League players will take part in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics after a deal was finally struck between the league, NHL Players Association, International Ice Hockey Federation, and International…

Commissioner says lack of fan pushback fuels decision to maintain inventory

The National Hockey League will officially stage a 56-game regular season beginning on January 13, which will include an all-Canadian division, following an agreement for the 2020-21 campaign with the…

Video game developer Electronic Arts has announced a multiyear renewal of its long-standing licensing agreement with the National Hockey League and NHL Players’ Association.

Foley says he expects shorter 2020-21 schedule with Canada-only division

League, union officially slide back from prior target of a month earlier

Union set to begin planning for next season with league

As the National Hockey League nears the conclusion of an operationally successful resumption of its 2019-20 season amid the Covid-19 pandemic, league commissioner Gary Bettman said there remains no known…

League outlines planned organizational steps to combat systemic racism

Players remain strongly united in push for meaningful societal change