NFL (National Football League)


What content works best for each social media platform, and how to exactly measure what ROI is for a social media strategy, are two questions every major outward-facing business looks to answer on a daily basis. Elisha Chauhan asked social media experts from across the world what the answers are in sport and, through a series of case studies, looked at the challenges and opportunities facing a variety of rights-holders.

The NFL (National Football League) has moved closer to a permanent Los Angeles return. However, many observers believe having a team back in the United States’ second-largest city could actually have a negative impact. Barry Wilner explains why.

Will American football take over London’s Wembley stadium? Nigel Jones QC reviews legal issues that may arise when a stadium is shared or taken over.

As the NFL (National Football League) International Series continues in earnest with more UK games this autumn, who better to lead expansion than a Brit? Barry Wilner spoke to Mark Waller about more regular season match-ups at Wembley, and potentially other cities in Europe.

The furore over the Washington Redskins’ name builds not only in the nation’s capital, but across the United States. However, the region has a precedent for name changes working out rather well.

The Dallas Cowboys will move into a new headquarters in Frisco by 2016. Barry Wilner looks at how the set-up could be a best practice model for sports franchises looking to secure public funding for stadia and facilities.

Plans are afoot for an NFL (National Football League) developmental league. Barry Wilner explains how it could work, and why it could be a watershed for a variety of stakeholders in north America’s sports industry.

The Buffalo Bills have stopped playing their annual regular season game in Canada, representing a rare mis-step for the National Football League (NFL). Barry Wilner explains why.

Barry Wilner looks at how the NFL (National Football League)’s new broadcast deal for Thursday night games could change the American football landscape as we know it.