National Hockey League

Reverse Retro program seeks to tap into strong fan affinity for throwback designs

Verizon-owned digital sports media outlet looks to be aggressive in areas such as legalized wagering, 5G mobile networks, and virtual reality. Yahoo Sports general manager Geoff Reiss discusses the company's efforts with SportBusiness US Editor Eric Fisher

League pushes back two of its tentpole events until 2022

47-year career regarded as one of the very best in history of sports broadcasting

Foley says he expects shorter 2020-21 schedule with Canada-only division

League, union officially slide back from prior target of a month earlier

Union set to begin planning for next season with league

As the National Hockey League nears the conclusion of an operationally successful resumption of its 2019-20 season amid the Covid-19 pandemic, league commissioner Gary Bettman said there remains no known…

League outlines planned organizational steps to combat systemic racism

After decades of failed attempts to develop a new arena and becoming one of the National Hockey League's weakest franchises, the resurgent New York Islanders and partner Oak View Group are developing a venue aimed at transforming both the team and live entertainment in the New York area.

Players remain strongly united in push for meaningful societal change

League's target of December 1 to start next season may shift

Fifth iteration of series will go inside quarantined bubbles in Canada

Company to create supply chain for maintenance, repair, and operations

Leagues' restarts mirror trends seen by others upon their returns

Social media initiative designed to help drive television viewership

NHL US rightsholder reshapes production for games in empty arenas