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Eric Fisher takes a look at the ticketing market ahead of this Sunday's Super Bowl in Miami.

SportBusiness' US Editor Eric Fisher speaks to the son of the late Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney about his legacy and the current state of the Rooney Rule and the NFL at large.

Staging the NFL's championship game comes with a multitude of requirements, but a potentially large payoff for the host city.

Expansive size and density of some of US' largest sports facilities provide a fertile environment to experiment with next-generation mobile technology. Story by Rick Snider.

Stadium designers are increasingly turning toward psychological and anthropological research to guide the development the next generation of NFL facilities and create comfortable, as well as Instagram-able, venues. Randy Williams reports.

New decade-long deal to introduce several large-scale changes including expanded schedules and rosters

Following the initial moves of the National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer, the rest of the major US pro sports leagues quickly followed suit to suspend their own operations, essentially …

Deal brings league, game developer back together after an absence of 15 years

Simple majority vote among nearly 2,000 players required for passage