National Football League (NFL)

NFL team looks to raise capital in this fashion for the first time in a decade

Stance is again challenged by former team employees and their representatives

Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, will compete with Indianapolis, Indiana, for the right to stage the 2023 National Football League Combine, it has been disclosed

Sport 24, the in-flight and in-ship service owned and operated by the IMG agency, has retained rights to American football’s National Football League for five more years.

In this week’s episode, podcast co-hosts Eric Fisher and Chris Russo interview George Kliavkoff, commissioner of the Pac-12 Conference. Eric and Chris also discuss National Basketball Association’s league-level cryptocurrency sponsorship deal with Coinbase, a $100m (€86m) funding round for startup digital collectibles company Candy Digital, and ongoing turbulence in the United States’ regional sports network business. They also explore the acquisition by OneFootball and Eleven of a pool of international rights for nine European football leagues, as well as increasing scrutiny from the US House of Representatives on the National Football League and Washington Football Team.

Oversight Committee members request documents the league thus far has refused to release

Increase in spending mirrors robust audience growth so far in 2021 season

The National Football League is reportedly planning to take future sponsorship rights to the Super Bowl halftime show to the open market, with Pepsi's entitlement deal poised to end in 2022

Disney strikes supplemental rights deal for newly reslotted playoff contests

Saudi Arabian state-owned media company Saudi Sports Company has announced its acquisition of National Football League rights. The broadcaster has announced a three-year agreement for the rights

NFLPA, lawyers for former WFT employees among those seeking greater transparency

Data-driven sports marketing agency Two Circles has expanded its relationship with the NFL to cover international advertising sales across the American football league’s digital platforms.

Report details years of inflammatory comments from former head coach

League advances its efforts to expand its International Series to mainland Europe

In this week’s episode, podcast co-hosts Eric Fisher and Chris Russo interview Brett Gosper, National Football League’s head of the United Kingdom and Europe. Eric and Chris also discuss a series of ongoing crises within the National Women’s Soccer League, the National Football League Players Association, and numerous facets of top-tier European football.

The National Football League and NFL Players Association have partnered with Nifty Games, the California-based developer and publisher of mobile sports video games, to create the NFL Clash mobile game.

Brett Gosper, the former chief executive of World Rugby, speaks to SportBusiness about his new role as the NFL’s head of Europe and the UK ahead of this weekend’s NFL London Games at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.