National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

New term for embattled executive buried deep in NCAA NIL announcement

Governing body encouraged by operational successes amid pandemic

Governing body amplifies investigation into basketball tournament issues

Governing body to investigate how facility plans differed so greatly for men's, women's basketball tournaments

With 68-team field now set, nervousness remains amid ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

Postseason college basketball tournament to be 16-team event held in Texas

Governing body sets provisions if teams must vacate due to Covid-19

Planned reboot of popular video game series arrives with a host of thorny unanswered licensing and development questions

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is widely expected to delay a potential landmark vote this week on legislation that would permit college athletes to cash in on their fame for the first time

Governing body seeks to manage ongoing impact of Covid-19 pandemic

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has announced that its entire women's basketball tournament will be held in a single geographic area to mitigate the risks of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has announced it is planning to stage its entire men’s basketball tournament at a single-city location in 2021 to mitigate the risks of the ongoing Covid-19 p…

Operating without large-scale revenue guarantees and dedicated media networks enjoyed by many of the Power Five conferences, mid-major conferences and their member schools are facing their own particular challenges amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Pete Garcia, athletic director of Conference USA's Florida International University, discusses the current situation with US Editor Eric Fisher.

Las Vegas will host a National Collegiate Athletic Association men's basketball tournament regional event for the first time in 2023, it has been announced

Roughly two-week delay designed to lessen health risks

Governing body says there are no plans to deviate from current format