Major League Baseball

Legal battle revives tension that previously existed between the MLB club and the design firm that helped create iconic character.

Indians co-owner would divest his current team interest to become Royals' controlling owner

League signs third betting deal to join prior pacts with Sportradar, Perform

League marketing effort uses baseball's deep connection with food to target non-core fans

Browning has marred thousands of once-valuable autographed baseballs, with the precise cause of the damage still unknown. Dennis Tuttle examines the impact on the baseball collectibles market

Dead since 1995, the revered Hall of Famer still commands a lofty position among baseball memorabilia collectors

League expands its roster of betting operators with access to official data feed and marks

League next year will continue recent focus on providing teams additional off days, concentrating divisional games at the beginning and end of the season

First-ever MLB game in Iowa will use filming site from famed 1989 baseball movie

Marketing effort to again feature player nicknames on jerseys, customized uniform accessories

Major League Baseball's developing esports strategy, much more inclusive and based on a game title much simpler to play, veers heavily from other major US sports properties

MLB strikes new deal to expand long-running tie with DraftKings for other primary portion of company's business

Revamped fan festival held in conjunction with All-Star Game finds a strong reception in Cleveland

Rising tension around baseball's economics is prompting accelerated talks. But league has put the onus on the union to devise system remedies

Factors behind record-setting home run pace dominate talk at key in-season jewel event

The $1 million champion's prize, $500,000 runner-up prize for MLB's home run-hitting contest represent sizable paydays for young stars still years away from lucrative salaries

Owner doubles down on radical plan, says club likely won't be able to survive full-time in Florida