American Athletic Conference

In this week’s episode, podcast co-hosts Eric Fisher and Chris Russo interview Frank Supovitz, president and chief experience officer of Fast Traffic Events & Entertainment. Fisher and Russo also discuss the National Football League’s development of its NFL+ streaming service, ongoing changes in United States college sports fueled in part by the Big Ten and American Athletic Conferences, the state of the trading cards and collectibles industry, key upcoming business decisions for the NFL, and the improving financial state of LaLiga giants FC Barcelona.

Conference commissioner says sweeping changes mandate new approach

Set of schools completes early-exit agreements with AAC

Potentially forthcoming deals would hasten shifts to the Big 12 Conference

Open letter from college conference commissioner brings some of the private discussions about event expansion into public view

Presence of undefeated Bearcats, not part of college football's blue bloods, likely to provide further impetus to expand championship event