Yankees strike ticket partnership with Broadway Inbound

Yankee Stadium, shown here, will be marketed this year to New York theatre-goers and other tourists to the city as part of a new relationship between the MLB club and ticket provider Broadway Inbound.

Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees are expanding their presence into the world of travel agents and general tourism by striking a new partnership with ticket provider Broadway Inbound.

Yankees home game tickets will be available through Broadway Inbound, which is owned by longtime theatrical producer The Schubert Organization, and works frequently with online travel agents (OTAs), tour operators, group ticket buyers, and other travel industry distribution partners around the world. 

In the agreement, Broadway Inbound will expand beyond its traditional base of New York theatre tickets more into pro sports, and particularly will place the Yankees in front of additional out-of-town tourists as they plan trips to New York that could also include visits to the city’s theaters, museums, and other prime attractions. 

“We look forward to expanding our relationships with New York City’s sports teams, as we grow Broadway Inbound into the go-resource for all New York City experiences,” said Bob Hofmann, Broadway Inbound vice president. 

Through Broadway Inbound and its network of global relationships, including ones in other languages, the Yankees will also gain additional exposure to overseas visitors. The club, like many others in the sports industry, is keenly interested in expanding its presence in the general tourism market, and research by the club has already indicated larger-than-expected draws among out-of-town buyers for single-game tickets.

Within that, the move further seeks to frame visiting Yankee Stadium as a quintessential New York experience. Buyers within Broadway Inbound’s network will be buying from the club’s live manifest, but at pre-arranged prices.

“We think there’s a big untapped market for us in the travel space,” said Marty Greenspun, Yankees senior vice president of strategic ventures. “We’re just at the beginning of this, but it has a lot of potential.”

The Broadway Inbound deal also presents an opportunity to be an attendance boost for the Yankees. Despite a second-straight 100-win season, a trip to the American League Championship Series this season, and leading all AL clubs in attendance, the club still fell at the gate 5 percent to a total draw of 3.3m for the season.