World Cup will ‘bring stability to Asia’

“In the past, conflicting national interests have prevented the Asian leaders from getting together under a common cause… The 2002 World Cup will provide the impetus for our region to move beyond the current status and move toward developing a sense of community in Asia,” he said.
Political tensions between the two countries escalated recently after the Japanese government approved the distribution of eight new school history textbooks, which, according to South Koreans, overlooked Japan’s World War Two atrocities.
There are also reports that Japan’s Emperor Akihito has decided not to attend the World Cup opening ceremony for security reasons. But Chung said Akihito should attend. “In order to advance the sense of community in Asia, it may be desirable to invite the leaders of Asian countries to the opening ceremony of the World Cup,” he said.
“I expect that at the extraordinary meeting of the FIFA executive committee of June 12, Mr Blatter will release all the information into the ISL bankruptcy and I will urge him accordingly to do so.”
But Chung stopped short of supporting a possible vote of no confidence in Blatter.