World Bowling seeks companies to deliver WBX

World Bowling has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify partners, hosts, suppliers and agencies to aid the delivery of a new concept it hopes will appeal to the younger generation.

Bowling’s world governing body has said it plans to launch WBX in November 2020. Delivered via temporary infrastructure within key city locations featuring the top women’s and men’s nations, WBX will be a three-day event with competitions staged with bowlers as individuals, pairs and teams of five.

WBX has been developed by World Bowling as a complementary event to the main World Championships format, with the intention of appealing to a younger generation as a result of its accessibility in “location, speed and opportunity to showcase high level skills”.

World Bowling said it hopes to organise four WBX events in 2020 and expand further in 2021 to complement the global event calendar. Three key strategies have been outlined to underpin the successful introduction, growth and value creation for the event.

World Bowling said it is seeking to create an “awe-inspiring” commercially packaged version of WBX at the elite level that will inspire the next generation and optimise the value for bowling. It is looking to develop a co-ordinated, deliberate and multi-tiered seeding of WBX to grow passion and participation.

World Bowling is also seeking to leverage and optimise value creation around the new format to feed investment and development back into the sport through exploitation of the likes of IP, broadcast rights, licensing fees, merchandising, technology and equipment innovations, digital and gaming.

The RFP stage is open for submissions until October 31, with World Bowling set to select a partner on December 16.