…while World Twenty20’s relaxed approach wins over fans

Reuters reports that the event is being compared favourably to the 50 overs World Cup in 2007, which excluded many local fans due to high ticket prices and petty rules and regulations.

“You are allowed to bring your conch shells, keep your noise and have fun like back in the day,” said Barbadian Kerwin Beckles.

“Things have improved, you can see how big the gathering is. The game brings people together, it is wonderful that it is here in Barbados — I’m actually proud to be a West Indian,” he added.

Ticket prices have been as low as $5 and the most expensive for Sunday’s final was only $40.

“I think the prices were the main thing three years ago, it was disappointing, we still had a good time but this is a million times better. The locals and the atmosphere is what makes it, that’s what you are looking for when you come over here,” said travelling fan Geoff Scott from Newport, Wales.