Weightlifting will remain an Olympic sport for 2024

The IOC has confirmed Weightlifting’s place in the 2024 Paris Olympics. The IOC had previously threatened to remove the weightlifting competition due to persistent doping controversies around the sport including positive tests years after the 2008 and 2012 summer Olympic games.

The Associated Press reports that the IOC will continue close scrutiny of the International Weightlifting Federation and will institute a new doping control regime as part of an agreement between the entities. Over the last few years, the IWF has become more aggressive in identifying and combating doping.

“Athletes now have to regularly appear at international events and therefore be subject to…in-competition testing in different places around the world,” the IOC’s sports director Kit McConnell said at a news conference.

Weightlifting had previously suffered cuts in the number of participants for the 2020 summer games due to these controversies.