Washington DC Major League Rugby team unveiled as Old Glory DC

The Washington DC-area Major League Rugby expansion team was unveiled as Old Glory DC on Wednesday.

The team will spend 2019 hosting try-outs and playing friendly matches before joining the league in 2020.

Old Glory is looking for a college venue to play its games initially but hopes to build a rugby-specific venue after a few seasons.

Its owners are Chris Dunlavey, of management firm Brailsford & Dunlavey, and Paul Sheehy, of Sheehy Auto Stores.

“We’re really focused on trying to build this from the grassroots up,” said Sheehy. “It’s a grassroots sports. We’re working with the local youth teams. If we can get the local rugby community behind our effort, we can probably sell out a 5,000-person stadium.”

“There’s risk to it,” Dunlavey said, “but we both have enough of a passion about the sport and the belief in it as a good thing for our region that we want to get behind it.”