VMA begins recruiting volunteers for 2020 Hanoi Grand Prix, with track details released

The Vietnam Motorsports Association has begun recruiting volunteers for the 2020 Formula One Vietnam Grand Prix in Hanoi, targeting to have a thousand people to assist in tasks such as firefighting, medical assistance, car weighing, track cleaning and emergency response.

After a selection process, experts from the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport will organise two training courses in Vietnam, planned for November 2019 and March 2020.

On April 5 2020, Vietnam will become the 33rd country to have hosted a Grand Prix; it becomes F1’s fifth street circuit, with the course to run through the historic Mỹ Đình district.

Preparations are in full swing on the 5.565km street circuit since November 2018, when Hanoi was announced as the first new city of Liberty Media’s Formula One ownership era.

According to images released by organisers, the layout will feature a brand-new pit and paddock complex, and according to Formula1.com, the track has “a real desire to steer away from humdrum 90-degree road-junction type corners and foster a layout that facilitates wheel-to-wheel racing while retaining a closed-in street feel that makes city race tracks so demanding for drivers”.

F1 managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn believes the Hanoi circuit will be uniquely exciting compared to its other venues, and said to motorsport.com: “Vietnam will be the first circuit that has been designed from ground up to be a great racing circuit.”

“Nothing is ever 100% – and we will probably make one or two mistakes – but it will go a long way towards the sort of circuit we want. And we will learn from Vietnam and do the next one.”

“But we don’t want all circuits to be the same. It will be incredibly boring if we had great racing circuits but they were all exactly the same templates. We want countries to have their own identity and we want circuits to be unique.”