Valencia engages Two Circles to enhance marketing efforts

Spanish Liga football club Valencia has partnered with the Two Circles sports agency in a bid to improve its marketing strategy to help it better understand its supporters.

The agreement comes with Valencia currently in takeover mode. Spanish newspaper AS this week reported that the heavily-indebted club has received formal acquisition proposals from Cerberus Capital Management and Global Emerging Markets in the US, China’s Wanda Corporation, Singapore businessman Peter Lim, Russian entrepreneur Mikhail Bosco, an Arab investment fund and a seventh bidder which has not been identified.

As part of this ongoing period of change, the club said it is to prioritise improving its marketing capabilities, its interface with fans and commercial growth.

Two Circles will further support this strategy by implementing a data-driven approach to improve the club’s understanding of its fans. Under this strategy, Two Circles will provide behavioural and attitudinal insight into Valencia fans, as well as multi-channel outbound marketing support.

“In an important period for the club, this appointment is a very significant one,” Valencia’s chief revenue and marketing officer, Luis Vicente, said. “The way that we communicate with our supporters is profoundly important to us and Two Circles is helping Valencia improve the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.”

Gareth Balch, director of Two Circles, added: “Valencia is one of the largest and most successful clubs in European football, with a large amount of customer data at its disposal. With a better understanding of this data, we are confident the club will be able to deliver more effective fan engagement and increase its revenue.”