USOC rebrands as US Olympic & Paralympic Committee

The US Olympic Committee has formally changed its name to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee after a unanimous vote by the organization’s board of directors. The name change is effective immediately and has already been reflected in USOC social media and official communications.

The change is intended to better reflect and incorporate the full range of the USOPC’s work. The body is one of just four globally which is responsible for the management and administration of both Olympic and Paralympic sport at a national level, and the name change makes it the first to recognise that distinction in its official name and branding.

“This is a proud day for Paralympic and Olympic sport in the United States and a change that is representative of our organization’s commitment to inclusivity,” said USOPC Chair Susanne Lyons.

“While the name is new, our dedication to Paralympics is an established value – evidenced by the number of Paralympic athletes who receive support and by the strength of the US Paralympic Team. The world-class Paralympic athletes – and staff who support them – deserve this recognition as outstanding representatives of Team USA.”

The USOPC will also immediately begin work on physical changes surrounding its name, such as signage at its Colorado Springs, Colorado, headquarters, and related properties, with a goal of having that completed by 2020. The US Olympic Hall of Fame will also be renamed the US Olympic & Paralympic Hall of Fame.

“This change is about more than an organizational name. To me this means that Paralympic athletes are fully included, embraced and celebrated by the USOPC,” said four-time Paralympian Oksana Masters.