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UFC to launch new global series

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has revealed its plan to launch a new ‘fight night’ series beginning March next year, with London the first of six stop offs.

At a round table discussion at the Leaders Sport Summit today, the mixed martial arts sport said London is the only confirmed host, with the other five likely to be based in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

UFC EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) executive vice-president Garry Cook said: “We had between six and 12 possible hosts come forward, but London will definitely be one of them.”

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta added: “We have already proved that we have established ourselves in south America and Asia. Now it is time for us to go into new markets."

Meanwhile, commenting on the financial viability of a new global series – given that EPSN’s international X Games were axed last week – Fertitta said: “Combat sport is possibly the oldest sport in history. I’m pretty sure that before someone hit a ball with a stick or someone kicked a ball into a net, somebody hit someone and someone else turned around to watch.”