UEFA promises compensation for ‘wasted’ trips

About 1,000 Manchester United fans were in Greece for the team’s clash with Olympiakos Piraeus, and Leeds reportedly had 130 fans on its on its trip to play tonight’s match against Maritimo in Madeira.

UEFA’s chief executive Gerhard Aigner said: “We will continue to monitor the overall security situation within Europe and will make a further statement concerning the rescheduling of these matches.”

Peter Kenon, Manchester United’s chief executive added: “Postponement is the right decision. About 1,000 of our fans travelled out to Athens and we’ll look to help them financially wherever we can.”

Leeds’ club chairman Peter Ridsdale backed UEFA’s decision to delay the matches: “We will ensure that all fans on the official Leeds trip will be recompensed by the club. Anyone who went under their own steam, if they submit verifiable expenditure, we will help them pursue compensation through UEFA.”

UEFA will compensate smaller clubs in the UEFA Cup for wasted trips but says richer clubs in the Champions League should cover their own losses to fans.