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Tokyo 2020 agrees partnership with Japan anti-doping body

The organising committee for the 2020 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (Jada).

Under the agreement, the two organisations will work together closely before, during and after the Games. Jada, Japan’s only organisation with experience and expertise in anti-doping, will provide support to the organising committee, which in turn will exchange knowledge with the body.

The deal underlines that Tokyo 2020 will be responsible for preparing and implementing a sample collection programme during the Games, determining the overall testing plan and procedures and managing and operating a doping control command centre.

Tokyo 2020 will also recruit doping control officers and chaperones and will select doping control station managers and chaperone coordinators whilst assisting Jada with preparations and implementation of doping control officer training sessions.

Jada will be responsible for evaluating and certifying the doping control officers, as well as human resource development of doping control station managers and chaperone coordinators, including on-site training. Jada will also provide operational support and management of the command centre and doping control stations at venues.