Tokyo 2016 revels in increased support

Recent opinion polls, commissioned independently as well as by the committee, consistently put the level of public support for the Tokyo 2016 Bid at over 70 per cent – an improvement on figures last year of between 60 per cent and 70 per cent.

Dr Kono said that a poll commissioned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government had found more than 23 million people in Tokyo were fully behind the bid and that this figure meant that the Bid Committee could be confident that all venues for a future Tokyo Olympic Games would be sold out.

“It is an honour for Tokyo to have perhaps the largest local support base ever for an Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Dr Kono. “We could fill every venue with local fans alone. The strong support will ensure a massive core of volunteers and create an incredible atmosphere.”

Speaking at an event in London, Dr Kono also highlighted the Tokyo 2016 Bid’s appeal to youth: “A Tokyo Olympics will promote sport to an interesting demographic in Japan and Asia, many are young, affluent people, highlighting a bright future for the Olympic Movement.”