PRESS RELEASE: Today, the sound of the future is born

PRESS RELEASE: Today we have heard the sound of CUPRA e-Racer for the first time: the vehicle, developed according to the technical regulations of the upcoming ETCR championship, was presented today at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

We have heard it live alongside the voice of Jordi Gené, race driver winner of Le Mans in 2001 who’s currently developing and testing the new car on track.

An innovative live experience, which has immediately made clear that we were witnessing and hearing something completely new. Jordi stated that it reminded him of the sound of a jet plane and, from the outset, we have appreciated the car’s performance that pushed the limit during the 6 laps.

From Jordi’s voice in the moment he tackled the curve Elf, we discovered that the feeling is different from a traditional touring car, but just as thrilling. The sensation when entering the turn is of an apparently slower entry, followed by a corner-exit acceleration in which the electronic system allows to fully appreciate the power of its 500kw (680 bhp).

Gené’s live interview continued, highlighting the different weight balance – more uniform – that permits a completely different driving experience.

Lap after lap, we were able to admire how the interaction between the driver and the public is a powerful instrument that will change the rules of fan engagement: indeed, the championship will expect a bilateral interaction between drivers and their fans.

Marcello Lotti, President of WSC and Organizer of the upcoming championship, has been keen to highlight how motorsport has returned to its original role as a development platform for technologies that will be utilized in consumer cars. “We don’t wish to change motorsport, on the contrary we want to bring it back to the forefront of our and of car manufacturers’ minds. The first step consists in providing a common electric kit, but after this warm-up period we believe the door will be open for manufacturers to develop and use their own technology.”

Marcello Lotti concluded his speech by announcing that the names of the other constructors involved in the ETCR championship would be revealed very soon.