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Ticketmaster extends deal with US Soccer

Ticketmaster has signed a multiyear contract extension to remain the US Soccer Federation’s official ticketing partner. The Live Nation-owned Ticketmaster will deploy its new identity-based ticketing platform Presence for both US men’s and women’s national team games. 

The Presence technology, on track to be installed in more than 500 venues by the end of this year, allows team and building operators to track a ticket’s full chain of ownership, determine whether that ticket was actually or used or not, and provides a wide range of marketing and security benefits. That data will also be tied into Ticketmaster’s LiveAnalytics intelligence platform to help track fan preferences and purchasing behaviors. 

“Through identity-based ticketing and our suite of analytics tools, US Soccer will be better equipped to reach more fans than ever in much more targeted and tailored ways,” said Jared Smith, Ticketmaster president.

The Ticketmaster-US Soccer agreement follows Live Nation’s release last week of its first quarter 2019 earnings showing a 17 percent boost in revenue to $1.7 billion, fueled in part by Ticketmaster posting its fourth-best quarter of gross transaction value in company history.