The Players’ Tribune ‘exploring sale’

The Players’ Tribune, the media platform which features first-person articles and videos authored by professional athletes, is reportedly exploring a potential sale.

According to Bloomberg, is not clear how much the website, which was co-founded by former New York Yankees star player Derek Jeter in 2014, is worth.

The website has had some viral hits, most notably the Dear Basketball poem written by former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant on his retirement, which won an Oscar as an animated short film in 2017. But it has struggled to draw consistent web traffic in between these spikes.

The Players’ Tribune has raised $58m in investment since its founding, most recently $40m in Series C funding in January 2017. Co-founder Jaymee Messler left the company earlier this year while eight staff members were laid off in January.

According to Digiday, it has yet to turn a profit.