Thailand football association urges clarity on Asean 2034 World Cup bid

Football Association of Thailand president Somyot Poompunmuang believes that more clarity needs to be given about an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) 2034 World Cup bid, especially on which countries are actually going to participate in the bid.

“It is now up to the government [if it really wants to host the World Cup]. I have heard that Indonesia is ready [for a joint bid]. But it is impossible for all 10 Asean member countries to jointly host the World Cup. There may be two or three,” Somyot said.

His statements come a week after national leaders from Asean voiced support for a multi-territory bid. Somyot said to the Bangkok Post that he had since submitted details of the bidding process to the Thailand government.

If the Thailand government is serious about the Asean bid, Somyot said, he would follow up with Fifa.

The Football Federation of Australia recently revealed they had talks with Indonesia regarding a joint bid for the 2034 World Cup and welcomed other Asean nations to join them in their attempt.

Peter Velappan, the former secretary general of the Asian Football Confederation, has called on Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia to join forces.

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