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Tampa Bay Lightning enter world of fashion with lifestyle line

The Tampa Bay Lightning have launched a lifestyle line to accompany their new black and grey alternate jersey.

Intended to reach out to a younger demographic, the line includes shirts, hats, drink tumblers, pop sockets and skateboards.

It has been made in partnership with fashion brands such as Adidas, Lululemon, Columbia and Oakley.

“When people put on their blue and white jerseys, they’re ready to go and be in pure fan zone,” said Kevin Preast, the Lightning senior vice-president of event management. “This line gives them the opportunity to wear it to a cookout or wear it to a golf course and still fly the flag, but do it in a more casual way.”

A merchandise revenue spike is expected. The Lightning usually sell 80 team jerseys a night but, thanks to the new alternate jersey, they now sell over 500 a night.

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