St Louis MLS bid still needs to clear local sponsorship hurdle

St Louis has lots of momentum in the race to become the 28th club in Major League Soccer. But according to The St Louis Post-Dispatch, one area is still causing concern for MLS – that of local sponsorship and business support.

The Post-Dispatch reports that key commitments for stadium and kit sponsorship remain major concerns for the St Louis bid.

World Wide Technology chief executive Jim Kavanaugh one of the leaders of the bid told The Post-Dispatch a few hurdles still need to be cleared for St Louis.

“We need to move things forward in what we consider is a reasonably expeditious way. We want to bring Commissioner Garber and his team in, and walk through and really address that we can demonstrate that the city, the sponsors, the businesses are really behind this, and see this being something that’s very important to the city of St. Louis, that it fits well and creates a level of synergy with all of the other economic activity that is taking place downtown. “We are not sitting down on any of this,” he added. “We are moving forward as fast as we can.”

A decision by MLS on its 28th club should be made by the summer of 2019.