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Sports stadia should cut back on physical retail – Al Guido

Stadium operators should drastically cut the space for offices and retail stores at their venues in order to maximize the commercial footprint, according to San Francisco 49ers president Al Guido.

“I don’t see a lot of need for brick and mortar retail spaces – you will see retail shops becoming smaller…you’ll see more in-demand retail,” Guido said at the Sports Decision Makers Summit in Miami today. “There will always be a need for retail but you should maximize your footprint in a way that doesn’t use retail.”

Guido is also an executive at Elevate Sports Ventures, which has signed a ticket marketing deal with the XFL, which launches in February 2020.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with the XFL,” he said. “We will have a marketing team in Stamford [Connecticut, the XFL’s head office] and will have eight-10 people in each market.

“Our job is to put bums on seats – but we’ve got an uphill climb.”