South American nations confirm 2030 World Cup bid, Ghana sets sights on 2038

Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have confirmed a joint bid to host football’s 2030 Fifa World Cup while Ghana has set its sights on the 2038 edition of the tournament, as well as the summer Olympic Games as part of an ambitious 40-year national development plan.

The Presidents of the three South American nations confirmed the joint bid at an announcement in Buenos Aires that was attended by Fifa president Gianni Infantino.

According to Argentinian President Mauricio Macri, the bid would comprise six or eight stadia in Argentina and two or three venues in Paraguay and Uruguay. Tabare Vazquez, the President of Uruguay, said that a joint bid with Argentina had been under discussion since a trip by Macri to Montevideo in January last year.

Meanwhile Ghana’s proposal has been developed by the National Development Planning Commission.

The commission’s director general, Nii Moi Thompson, told Metro TV that the bid would be dependent on the country fulfilling other financial and infrastructure targets that have been set out in the broader plan, which was submitted to the government last month.

To support such a bid, a new venue called the Black Star Stadium is set to be built, although details of the development remain sketchy.